About Us

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Mission Statement

Enriching lives through hands-on agriculture education.



To increase general understanding of agriculture through interactive educational experiences in the classroom and on the farm.

Vision: Consumers will have a basic understanding and appreciation of agriculture, food production and the farm families who provide everyday products.


What the program does?

Agriculture Education on the Move is a ten-week hands-on education program identifying key classroom objectives and meeting standards primarily in the areas of science, math, reading and writing. Students gain an understanding of today’s agriculture and farm families, through diverse learning experiences. Participating classrooms have the opportunity to learn about crops, livestock, soil and water conservation, nutrition and agricultural careers. Students engage in agriculture in a fun and exciting way by planting seeds, experimenting with yeast and bread making, creating corn plastic, rock ‘n’ roll ice cream and more!

Trained, diverse and passionate educators deliver the program. College students have the opportunity to apply for an educator internship and receive scholarships.

Adult and consumer information is offered in addition to student resources. Teacher advisory committees offer insight to improve curriculum to align with current classroom expectations and to ensure the time sacrificed in the classroom to participate provides an equivalent learning experience.


Who are we?

Agriculture Education on the Move is an educational effort through Missouri Farmers Care. Missouri Farmers Care is a joint effort by Missouri’s farming and agriculture community to stand together for the men and women who provide the food and jobs on which our community depends. Missouri Farmers Care implements activities to promote the continued growth of Missouri agriculture and rural communities through coordinated communication, education and advocacy. Visit www.MoFarmersCare.com for more information.

Teacher to the Farm program allows teachers to participate in a hands-on experience on the farm and in nearby agricultural sites. The program also allows continuing outreach and resources to provide ongoing agriculture education efforts.


Program History

Ag Education on the Move began as an educational effort by the Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council (MSMC) and the soy checkoff. In 2011, MSMC saw a need for hands-on agriculture education and committed its resources to build a program that took agriculture education into elementary school classrooms. By 2015, the program had grown to represent all of Missouri agriculture, and MSMC and Missouri Farmers Care came together on a plan that would support even more growth going forward. Today, the program is in more than 100 schools and has connected with more than 200,000 students and their families across Missouri.


Teacher to the Farm Program

Teacher to the Farm is a partner program with Ag Education on the Move that invites teachers to participate in a hands-on experiences on the farm and in nearby agribusinesses. The program also supports continuing outreach and resources to provide ongoing agriculture education efforts.


Contact Info

Luella Gregory
Director, Ag Education on the Move

636-358-1320 or Luella@AgMoves.com