Celebrate Beef & Egg Month

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May 23, 2016
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January 16, 2017
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Celebrate Beef & Egg Month

DYK? May is Beef month. It also marks the period in which we celebrate eggs, as National Egg Month.

Celebrate with the Missouri Beef Industry Council: Celebrate May is Beef Month and enter to win the ultimate kickstart to grilling giveaway!

During the AEOTM program, students learn about animal life cycle, beef nutrition and byproducts, what cows eat, and how they are cared for by Missouri farm families.


Photo by the Beef Checkoff.

DYK? B-Vitamins found in beef help fuel your day. For more recipes and information, visit the Missouri Beef Industry Council.


Missouri farmers go to great lengths to provide us with safe and quality food.


Photo by American Egg Board.

To learn more about egg production, and U.S. egg farmers, visit the American Egg Board.

DYK? When eggs leave the farm, they go through a routine and strenuous process before arriving at the grocery store. During the Ag Education on the Move (AEOTM) program, students learn about the process from farm to store, and how eggs are:  collected, washed, candled, sorted, shipped, sold, and finally ENJOYED! Eggs are packed with protein and provide numerous nutritional benefits. Yum.