On the Move for Summer

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June 12, 2017
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June 29, 2018
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On the Move for Summer

Ag Education on the Move (AEOTM) kicked off summer programming yesterday in Perryville. Isabel Legg educated second graders at Perryville Elementary on the life cycle of a soybean. Students labeled parts of a soybean, discussed the harvesting process and listed products made from soybeans. Students then became farmers by making soybean necklaces, creating a nutritious environment for their soybean to germinate!

Over the next three weeks students will also learn:

– How farmers provide us with safe, nutritious food.

– Dairy Cattle and how they are raised.

– Life cycle of a cow from pasture to plate, beef, products we use everyday.

– How poultry farmers provide both meat and eggs, and their journey from farm to store.

– And MUCH more!

Pictured: Students learning about soybean production.