Our Staff

Luella Gregory

Program Director

Luella grew up on a farm in east central Missouri and developed a passion for agriculture early on. After attending the University of Missouri, Luella has worked with 4-H youth, commodity groups and now Missouri Farmers Care to promote agriculture education in the classroom. "To see how this program benefits a variety of students, teachers and educators, is truly remarkable. Students are given the opportunity to use their senses and fall in love with the world of agriculture, while learning how it impacts their everyday life. I strongly believe that today's classroom needs hands-on learning opportunities and a variety of teaching methods for all children to excel. Ag Education on the Move (AEOTM) provides interactive, fun learning, while incorporating standards and necessary objectives. When incorporated with science, history, writing and reading, agriculture truly can make an exciting and lasting impact on a child. From planting seeds, to baking bread, students learn through doing and it is a wonderful thing."

Laura Handke

Regional Coordinator & Program Development

After growing up on a farm in NW Missouri, Laura Received her bachelors and master of science from NWMSU. She worked in food safety for many years before pursuing a career in education. "This program is just as rewarding for the educators as it is for the students. To watch a student grow in their knowledge of agriculture and have fun while doing it is one of the most satisfying experiences I have ever had the opportunity to participate in". "During the review section on week ten, it is so rewarding to listen to students recall information that was taught in week one. Every week they are eager to learn more and always have stories and additional information from the previous week that they have collected on their own, either from a parent or from the internet—this program ignites a spark for agriculture information and creates a unique opportunity for students to gain an appreciation for agriculture."