Spring 2019

Spring 2019 Events

Ag Education on the Move™ (AEOTM) and its team has been on the move, engaged in classroom programs, career exploration and many STEM-based events across the state this spring. We are gearing up for a busy summer, as we expand our summer school programs and efforts in the state. Thanks to our passionate team who continues to make a positive impact in their community and plant a seed of knowledge with our young people. Through the ten-week series and special event opportunities students are learning about the technology and sophistication around today’s farming community.

Race To The Plate

AEOTM educators and friends enjoyed promoting agriculture as Missouri Farmers Care kicked off the 2019 Race to the Plate effort at Busch Stadium on April 19. #GoFarmTeam

Beyond the Classroom

Southwest Regional Educator Melissa Wilson extended the ten-week series to include a unique opportunity to visit Willard’s Ag department and FFA shop, greenhouse and classrooms. Third-graders explored plant and animal science while learning about FFA opportunities as a high school teacher.


Our passionate AEOTM team is shared the important story of soil and how it plays a role in everyday products at the Platte County Ag Day in partnership with Northland Career Center FFA and Metropolitan Community College in North Kansas City. Students created their own beaded bracelets and identified soil nutrients needed for plant growth.

Missouri’s 91st State FFA Convention

AEOTM Educator McKenna Willibrand led efforts at this year’s Missouri State FFA Convention booth. FFA members had the opportunity to win Culver’s gift cards, AEOTM tees and goodies while showing off their passion and knowledge for AG.

Monett Health Fair

AEOTM Educator Cherri Middleton shared the important message of agriculture with 400 students in Monett as part of their annual Health Fair! Students rolled up their sleeves and planted their own vegetables.

Eugene FFA All About AG

AEOTM Educator Caroline Sicht made butter with more than 300 students at Eugene as part of their All About AG Day. Students learned about crop and livestock production and how farmers work 365 days a year to create everyday products.